Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

University of Texas Medical Branch


Vicente A. Resto, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Our laboratory focuses on the study of lymphatic metastasis with special interest in the molecular mediators of lodgment and growth of tumor cells within the lymph node microenvironment. Furthermore, we are interested in understanding the impact these interactions have towards promoting tumor tolerance by the immune system. To these ends we apply functional genetic screening, biophysical, and biochemical techniques to the study of this novel biology.

Ongoing projects:

  • Biochemical analysis of L-selectin ligands active under low shear stress
  • Biochemical analysis of receptors expressed on human lymphocytes that are important for low shear stress dependent binding to cancer cells<
  • Functional genetic analysis of determinants important for L-selectin ligand expression in cancer
  • Functional genetic analysis of determinants important for E-selectin ligand expression in cancer