Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

University of Texas Medical Branch


Thomas G. Wood, Ph.D., Professor

The Recombinant DNA Laboratory (RDL) is a Core Facility in the Sealy Center for Molecular Medicine. The RDL offers a wide variety of technical services designed to benefit and enhance the research programs at the University of Texas Medical Branch. RDL services are available on a cost-recovery per item charge basis. Technical services include plasmid DNA preparation, transformation and screening, phage DNA (lambda and M13) purification, competent cell preparation, isolation of eukaryotic DNA or RNA, and DNA sequence analysis. Technical expertise in vector/plasmid construction, genomic and cDNA library construction, polymerase chain reaction techniques, bacterial expression, and various types of mutagenesis (deletion, replacement and site-directed) is available.

The Molecular Genomics (MG) Core provides technical support in the area of mRNA expression profiling. The Core offers expression analysis using Affymetrix Gene Chip technology and custom microarray production and analysis. The microarray facility has a BioRad robotic spotter for production of glass-slide based microarrays. Fluidic support is provided by a Beckman Biomek FX robot and analysis is performed using a Gene Pix Pro 4.0 Scanner (Axon Instruments). Core support in probe design, probe isolation, probe amplification, microarray spotting, hybridization and analysis is available.