BMB Seminars

Date/Title of Talk

Thursdays 4 PM
Basic Science Auditorium

September 2, 2021
"From Chip to Clinic: Integrating Advanced Physics and AI Approaches to Drug Challenging Targets"

Dr. Woody Sherman
Roivant Pharmaceuticals
Stan Watowich, PhD
September 16, 2021
"Using Single-Cell Proteomics and Transcriptomics to Understand Gene Regulation"
Dr. Nikolai Slavov
Northeastern Univ
Rovshav Sadygov, PhD
October 7, 2021
"Evolution in coronaviruses driven by RNA recombination hotspots"
Dr. Andrew Routh
Univ Texas Medical Branch
Mariano Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD
October 21, 2021
"Biomolecular condensates as organizers of biochemistry in bacteria"
Dr. Seth Childers
Univ Pittsburgh
Linda Kenney, PhD
November 4, 2021
"AI in Drug Discovery, from the Clinic and Back"
Dr. Bissan Al-Lazikani
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Stan Watowich, PhD
November 18, 2021
"Insights into Human Microbiomes from Micron-Scale Spatial Organization"
Dr. Jessica Mark Welch
Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory
Stuti Desai, PhD
November 30, 2021
"Lord of the Broken Rings: how ATPase ring motors drive genome packaging in dsDNA viruses"
Dr. Marc Morais
Univ of Texas Medical Branch
Mariano Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD

December 2, 2021
"Some assembly required: mechanistic studies of chromatin remodeling factors and histone chaperones"

Dr. Karolin Luger
Univ Colorado Boulder
Werner Braun, PhD
January 6, 2022
"Academic Drug Discovery: Challenges and Opportunities"
Dr. Zhiqiang An
McGovern Medical School
Pei-yong Shi, PhD
January 13, 2022
"SARS-COV-2 biology and countermeasure development"
Dr. Xuping Xie
Univ Texas Medical Branch
Mariano Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD

February 3, 2022
"The impact of viral genetics on emergence, disease, ad safety of live attenuated vaccines for mosquito-borne chikungunya and Zika viruses"

Dr. Lark Coffey
UC Davis
Andrew Routh, PhD
February 17 , 2022
"Molecular regulation of muscle stem cell function"
Dr. Michael Rudnicki
Ottawa Health Research Institute
Stan Watowich, PhD

March 3, 2022
"Mechanistic Insights of latent tumor suppressors promoting pancreatic cancer progression through transcriptional reprogramming"

Dr. Karen Mann
Moffitt Cancer Center
Hubert Lee, PhD

March 17, 2022
"Super-resolution imaging of chromatin structure and dynamics in health and disease"

Dr. Melike Lakadamyali
Univ Pennsylvania
Guy Nir, PhD
April 7, 2022
"Global Optimization of Personalized Therapies for cancers, infectious diseases, and organ transplants"
Dr. Chih-Ming Ho
UCLA Samueli School Of Engineering
Michael Sheetz, PhD

April 14, 2022
"History dependent kinetics (memory) captured in sequential unfolding of polyproteins under tension"

Dr. Ronen Berkovich
Ben-Gurion University
Guy Nir, PhD

April 21, 2022
"Retrogenes and stranger things arising from host-virus interactions"

Dr. Nels Elde
Univ Utah
Michelle Ward, PhD

May 5, 2022
"TRIM5a:  Recognizing and Neutralizing the Retroviral Capsid"

Dr. Dmitri Ivanov
UT Health San Antonio
Petr Leiman, PhD

May 19, 2022
"Environmental regulation of Lysosome Rich Enterocyte function"

Dr. Michel Bagnat
Duke Univ
Linda Kenney, PhD

June 2, 2022
"Laboratory Diagnosis and Monitoring of Microbial Infections at Point of Care"

Dr. Yi-Wei Tang
Danaher Diagnostic
Pei-yong She, PhD

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Dr. Stan Watowich
Phone: (409) 747-4748


Carmen Duplan
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