Student Stipend

Stipend is currently set at $35,360 per year. In addition, students receive a ~$7,700 benefits package which includes medical, dental and vision health insurance plans. Graduate assistant-ships are only available to US citizens and permanent residents (green card holders).


Texas has NO STATE INCOME TAX, so students enjoy a large financial benefit from living here. However, there is no escaping federal income tax, which all students are required to pay based on their annual income.

Cost of Living

A major advantage of the Galveston-Houston area is that it has one of the lowest costs of living of any metropolitan area in the country (cost of living calculator). For instance, it costs about twice as much to live in San Francisco relative to Galveston, and it costs about 40% more to live in Boston relative to Galveston. Thus, your graduate student stipend goes a lot further in Galveston-Houston. In addition, housing costs in Galveston are among the lowest in the nation.

Tuition Costs

For students awarded a graduate assistant-ship, all tuition and fees costs will be covered by the student's mentor.