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Student Directory: Current BMB student listing and contact information.

Student Awards: Many of our students have won awards for the research they conducted here - we salute their accomplishments!

Scholarships: Information on applying for prestigious fellowships and awards.

Registrar: Office of Enrollment Services at University of Texas Medical Branch

Qualifying Exam: The BMB qualifying exam is a combination written exam and oral exam administered in the spring semester of the 2nd year. The exam is an NIH style proposal based on the student's research project, followed by an oral defense of the proposal. The qualifying exam must be passed before admission to candidacy can be granted.

Admission to Candidacy: The BMB Evaluation Committee evaluates the student's complete academic performance and presents its recommendation to the full faculty regarding the student's advancement to a PhD candidate.

Defense of Dissertation: A dissertation describing the results of the student's original research is required of all candidates. This is a public presentation and defense before a Graduate Committee appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.