Haiping Hao, PhDAssistant Professor

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Director, Molecular Genomics Facility

Route: | Tel: (409) 747- | hahao@utmb.edu

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Education and Training

UTMB's Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Core utilizes an Illumina NextSeq 550 sequencing system to perform massively parallel sequencing for genetic analysis. The NGS Core offers support in library construction from various sources; RNA (total, poly A+, ncRNA and miRNA), chromatin immunoprecipitated DNA (ChIP-Seq) and DNA (genomic, exome and amplicon-derived). We assist with custom library preparations for mixed samples from host-pathogen studies, and are available to help with any new commercial or custom library preparation methods as they become available. An Illumina MiniSeq is available for small scale studies such as bacterial genomes and targeted exome libraries.

We can assist investigators with preliminary analysis of their data, including read mapping, gene expression quantification, miRNA analysis and alternative splicing of mRNA. Working with investigators from the Galveston National Laboratory we have developed in-house pipelines for virus analysis, with emphasis on de novo assembly for novel virus identification and variant analysis in viral populations. We also can help in installing and running any new open source analysis methods as they become available.

The Molecular Genomics (MG) Core provides technical support in both the design and performance of real time quantitative PCR (both Taqman and SYBR-based assays), SNP discrimination analysis and Sanger-based DNA sequence analysis. Validation of gene expression data is available using quantitative RT-PCR (Q-PCR) analysis (absolute or relative). In addition to commercial assays, the MG Core will design a custom assay for any target sequence. Cell line authentication by STR profiling is also available.