Dr. Ye

Yumei Ye, PhDAssociate Professor

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Route: 0553 | Tel: (409) 772-3102 | yumye@utmb.edu

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Education and Training

To investigate cardiac pathology and human cardiogenesis, we’ve developed in vivo and in vitro models to understand how human/animal cells might interact with cardiac or non-cardiac drugs. We have focused on discovering novel signal pathways and drugs that control development of cardiomyocytes in response to cardiovascular and neuromuscular diseases.

The human cardiac action potential is the cellular basis for the electrocardiogram, which is central to the assessment of the efficacy of cardiac drugs. We are working across a field of research areas to identify factors that contribute to an increased risk of heart disease. In my lab, well established models of Ischemia-reperfusion, heart failure, diabetes and hypertrophy allow us to determine how cells respond to ischemia, hyperglycemia and hypertrophy. Recently, we have explored the roles of MicroRNA in control of cardiovascular disease and their interaction with cardiac drug. Our studies enhance the benefit evaluation of the drug and could make the very expensive process of drug development more efficient. The long-term goal of our research is to delineate the complete genetic pathways for the formation of cardiovascular disease and to use this information to devise pharmacologic and genetic therapies for inherited and acquired cardiovascular diseases in humans.