Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

University of Texas Medical Branch


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Research in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Our large and diverse faculty engage in multi-disciplinary research that combines tools from biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, systems biology, and structural biology to probe biomedically relevant problems. Well-funded research teams are unraveling the links between cancer and intermolecular cell signaling systems, gene regulation in aging and cancer, wound repair and stress responses, the functioning of enzymes that play key roles in diabetes, cancer and toxicology; and the structures of biomolecules involved in DNA processing, allergic reactions, virus replication. In addition, new paradigms are being constructed that will allow us to better combat infectious diseases, quantitate protein folding and molecular recognition, rationally design new therapeutics, and model complex inter-related cellular pathways.

Our scientists and students have the great advantage of access to a group of effective core laboratories. These provide valuable services in gene expression, protein purification, gene array analysis, DNA and protein sequencing, cellular flow sorting, ultracentrifugation, X-ray crystallography, molecular modeling, mass spectroscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance. In effect, they greatly extend the technical capacity and manpower of any individual lab.