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Located within the University of Texas Medical Branch, our department is home to a broad spectrum of research activities and expertise. We believe that teaching and research are interdependent activities, and so give high priority to the education of our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and to the creation of new and important knowledge in our laboratories. In both of these missions, teaching and research, we value quality above all else.

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Left image:Verma S.K., Deshmukh V., Liu P., Nutter, C. A., R. Espejo, M-L. Hung, G-S Wang, Yeo GW and Kuyumcu-Martinez M. N. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2013 Dec; 288(49): 35372-86.
Middle image: Klema VJ, Ye M, Hindupur A, Teramoto T, Gottipati K, Padmanabhan R, Choi KH. Dengue Virus Nonstructural Protein 5 (NS5) Assembles into a Dimer with a Unique Methyltransferase and Polymerase Interface. PLoS Pathog. 2016 Feb 19;12(2):e1005451.